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Case Study: UST


Case Study on the implementation of e-Auction module for Hardware and Administration purchase at UST Global:

IT hardware aids in the facilitation of any computing operations, as well as the taking of input and the outputting or storing of the outcomes of those actions. As the world’s largest provider of hardware and administrative purchases, UST Global is faced with a large number of such transactions involving the acquisition and sale of such devices on a regular basis. 

The rate of corporate growth and efficiency rise as a result of technological advancement and digital transformation. Companies who provide these upgrade systems must be able to keep up with the rising demand and frequency of requests in the market.

Thus UST worldwide pick for the best in market i.e. SAFAL e-Auction to fulfil its frequent auction procedure of hardware and administrative acquisitions. The Reverse Auction is the most effective and helpful of all the different sorts of auctions that are currently available to you.

UK public sector eRAs implementation study for procurement improvement process

According to the case study, it is critical for the buyer to have a thorough understanding of the product specification and contract terms.

The potential providers had to be completely familiar with the specifications and contract terms for the information technology equipment.

IT equipment, in contrast to other products purchased by the case study organisation, is purchased by the organisation as a whole rather than by specific departments. As a result, the IT equipment numbers were previously combined in order to make the contract more appealing to suppliers as a result of the higher volume of sales expected.

The COVID interruptions had a ripple effect throughout the worldwide supply chain, and the consequences are still being felt today.

Although there have been substantial supply chain interruptions and bottlenecks throughout the epidemic, the Institute for Supply Management and IHS Markit reported on June 2 that the manufacturing sector is growing.

Maturity of e-procurement initiatives

Challenges faced by UTS global:

On paper communication

Because of the limitations of paper communication, coordination among the parties concerned becomes extremely difficult. It is possible that procedural delays will arise leading to lack of direct relations between the entities involved.

Lengthy Procurement procedures

Procurement requires making decisions at numerous levels, all of which are influenced by authority. Once approval is granted in the typical procurement process, the critical time has passed, and the procedures become time-consuming and complex. It is possible that procedural delays will arise.

Minimum price lowering

As a result of the lack of transparency in the system, bidding is blind, and the buyer never receives a genuine price reduction.

Not complying the time limit

As a result of the fact that there are numerous suppliers located in different locations, the bidding process is frequently delayed.

Limitation for existing suppliers

Because certain auctions are conducted solely by invitation, existing suppliers may be denied the opportunity to participate if they do not meet the eligibility requirements.

Deficiency of process transparency

Influence your buying power and Generate more saving by SAFAL’s e-Auction module

SAFAL - ProcureSENS Module ”E-Auction”

Digital maturity through SAFAL SOFTCOM Digitalized eProcurement Solutions



As purchasing power grows, procurement becomes more empowered to negotiate better terms for customers. The traditional manual negotiating procedure takes more time and is highly dependent on the negotiation skills of the parties involved.

Taking advantage of online reverse auctions can help you build a highly competitive energy environment where suppliers are trying to win in a shorter period of time. Increase the amount of money saved in a shorter period of time by fostering a culture of system-driven negotiating.

Example of Safal Real time e-Auction:

The benefits come to both Buyer and Sellers with E-Auction:

For Buyer:

When procurement experts use an e-auction to find competitive rates for their products, they are pitting the suppliers directly against one another to determine who can offer the lowest price. The procurement process is also simplified and saved time as a result of the fact that each supplier is not required to submit a complete bid.

For Suppliers:

E-auctions are often open, allowing smaller enterprises to participate in the process while also opening up new markets for suppliers to expand their product offerings. A successful bid might result in additional business, since most buyers would try to obtain their "non-core" products from their existing supplier after receiving a favorable quote.

General advantages includes: