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Simplify your procurement journey with our comprehensive source-to-order solution. Streamline sourcing, ordering, and beyond for seamless efficiency.

ProcureSENS leads the charge in revolutionizing procurement processes for businesses. In a world where efficiency and speed reign supreme, this digital solution offers an unparalleled advantage. It transcends mere automation, fundamentally redefining the procurement landscape. With ProcureSENS, envision a seamlessly integrated process from requisitions to purchase orders, all within a user-friendly digital interface.

This tool introduces a new level of clarity and control to procurement. E-RFx and E-Auctions evolve from cumbersome processes into dynamic, interactive platforms, ensuring optimal value for your spending. E-Catalogues grant instant access to a vast array of products and services, facilitating informed choices through easy comparisons.

This tool brings a new level of clarity and control to procurement. E-RFx and E-Auctions are no longer cumbersome processes but dynamic, interactive platforms ensuring the best value for your spend. With E-Catalogues, the vast world of products and services is just a click away, offering a breadth of choices and easy comparisons.

Contract management becomes less about paperwork and more about strategic management and compliance, supported by real-time data and insights.

Contract management shifts from paperwork to strategic management and compliance, backed by real-time data and insights. ProcureSENS isn’t just a procurement solution; it’s a strategic partner in your business growth journey. It addresses the crucial need for transparency, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in procurement processes.

The platform is meticulously designed to be intuitive, making procurement management seamlessly integrated into your business operations. It’s about saving time, cutting costs, and making informed decisions that propel your business forward. By selecting ProcureSENS, you’re not merely enhancing your procurement process; you’re equipping your business with the tools necessary to excel in a competitive market.

Requisitions Management

Requisitions Management simplifies your procurement process from the outset. It transforms a traditionally lengthy procedure into a swift, efficient task. With this feature, you can effortlessly create, approve, and oversee requisitions, ensuring your business operates at the pace of your decisions. This not only saves time but also brings about notable enhancements in operational efficiency.


ProcureSENS’ E-RFx feature transforms the management of requests for information, proposals, and quotations. It introduces an unparalleled level of simplicity and efficiency. This tool facilitates the gathering of detailed information, proposals, and quotations in a structured, digital format, simplifying comparisons and enabling informed decision-making.


The E-Auction feature in ProcureSENS brings the dynamic and competitive nature of auctions directly to your screen. It’s all about securing the best market prices in real-time, guaranteeing transparency and fairness throughout the bidding process. This functionality not only saves time but also guarantees you obtain the optimal value for your expenditure.


ProcureSENS’ E-Catalogues provide a thorough and easily accessible collection of products and services. It streamlines the selection process, facilitating effortless comparison and selection of the finest options available. This feature prioritizes convenience and informed purchasing, ultimately saving you time and resources during the procurement process.

Contract Management

 Contract Management guarantees proactive management of your contracts, rather than mere storage. It provides a comprehensive view of your commitments, deadlines, and terms. This feature streamlines tracking and compliance, transforming contract management into a strategic asset rather than an administrative burden.

Evaluation & Awarding

The Evaluation & Awarding feature in ProcureSENS prioritizes data-driven decision-making. It enables transparent and objective evaluation of proposals, guaranteeing awards are granted based on merit and suitability. This functionality cultivates a fair and competitive procurement environment, ultimately enhancing the integrity of the process.

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order system emphasizes precision and accuracy in order execution. It modernizes the conventional purchase order process into a seamless, error-free operation. This feature guarantees punctual and precise order placements, ultimately elevating the efficiency of your entire procurement cycle.

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What is ProcureSENS?

ProcureSENS is a comprehensive digital procurement solution covering requisitions management, E-RFx, E-Auction, E-Catalogues, contract management, evaluation & awarding, and purchase order.

How does ProcureSENS streamline procurement?

By integrating various procurement processes into a single digital platform, it simplifies operations, enhances efficiency, and ensures transparency.

Can ProcureSENS handle complex procurement requirements?

Yes, it is designed to accommodate a range of procurement activities, from simple to complex, tailored to various business needs.

Is ProcureSENS suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely, it is scalable and can be adapted to the needs of small businesses, offering them the same efficiency as larger corporations.

How does the E-Auction feature work?

The E-Auction feature facilitates real-time bidding, ensuring transparency and helping businesses achieve the best market prices.

How does ProcureSENS improve contract management?

It offers tools for active contract management, including tracking, compliance, and overview of terms and deadlines.

Can I track requisitions in real-time with ProcureSENS?

Yes, the requisitions management feature provides real-time tracking and management capabilities.

How does the E-Catalogue feature benefit procurement?

It offers a comprehensive repository of products and services, simplifying the selection and comparison process.

How secure is ProcureSENS?

ProcureSENS employs robust security measures to protect data and procurement processes.

Is there customer support available for ProcureSENS users?

Yes, dedicated customer support is available to assist with any queries or issues.


Safal’s platform streamlines processes to allow for more time for crucial tasks, offers valuable insights for quicker and informed decision-making, and creates avenues for collaboration with suppliers and within the organization, all in one convenient location

Copyright by Safal Softcom. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Safal Softcom. All rights reserved.