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Procure STEPS

Efficient, Intelligent, and Effortless

Change is the key factor for any system or business to stay in the race or attain more success. Impact of change can be positive or can become negative if there are any loose ends. Here is why choose Safal to in race and go ahead with the changing technologies and stay current.

One Inclusive Ecosystem

Efficient and advanced purchase and selection process. The comprehensive procure-to-pay solution addresses complicated order fulfilment and payment difficulties with an in-built PO to Invoice exception control structure. All internal stakeholders are connected to suppliers through this ecosystem.
By digitally connecting Purchase Orders, Acknowledgements, Advance shipping alerts, GNR, and Invoices, it is possible to decrease manual interventions and streamline the P2P process.


Allows Seamless Integration and Smart Scale-up. Can be implemented with any world class ERP. Helps define frequency enabling easily configurable implementation logic with smart-fit content, fields along with field names in the solution to facilitate data flow consistency. Implementation business logic for data transformation provides an ability to overcome inherence data flaws that can obstruct the realization of ROI.

Exception Management & Contract Compliance

It is simple to address the main cause and improve compliance with our unique PO exception management architecture as it consists of 2-way and 3-way match rates also. It is possible to have a smooth order fulfilment and billing process. Before an order is dispatched, it ensures all specifications are agreed upon by both buyers and suppliers, as well as that the existing contract is followed. The audit trails becomes efficient too.

Order Fulfilments – Unified and effectual

The comparison of order receipts and delivery notes are made easy and thus smooth out the billing. Reject or quality notes can be presented, allowing for the management of any delays or rejections. The feedback framework makes the job easier.

Invoicing & Payments – Controlled & Managed

Improved invoicing compliance aids in the promotion of financial discipline thereby reducing follow-ups and status communications. The stakeholder communication is structured and transparent. The correct amount is paid at the correct time. There have been reports of uncontrolled over and under payments in large corporations, which can be managed with Safal’s system.

Supplier Performance Management – the scorecard culture

Suppliers are the key aspect in procurement and managing them plays a vital role throughout the process. Safal’s scorecard culture motivates supplier performance, allowing for transparent management of all supplier activity in the system. The scoreboard is segment specific. Supplier incentive programme is available evaluating their performances.


This key feature supports comment resolution plan at superior level which is the turning point in procurement. Provides the platform for each and every party involved to communicate at a time which adds value to the decision making process and speeds up the overall procurement activity. The communication becomes actionable speeding up the process. Required documents can be shared efficiently by cutting down the noise enhancing document management. Accountability being the important aspect can be achieved in the communication framework.

Eliminate the inefficiencies, risks, and costs associated with paper-based invoices.

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