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Change is the key factor for any system or business to stay in the race or attain more success. Impact of change can be positive or can become negative if there are any loose ends. Here is why choose Safal to in race and go ahead with the changing technologies and stay current.

One Inclusive Ecosystem

Enables effective procurement decisions. The built-in contract negotiation module address challenges of large-scale Source-2-Order process. Allows seamless execution of your sourcing cycle with ProcureSENS integrates with any existing world class ERP.
It helps replace your current piecemeal processes with advanced unified framework optimizing the way to engage with suppliers and run competitive sourcing events of all types.
Currently, the traditional sourcing technology solutions face implementation challenges and hence limiting value realization. ProcureSENS not only overcomes this challenge, but also accelerates value realization using the unique Smart-FIT implementation approach.


Allows Seamless Integration and Smart Scale-up. Can be implemented with any world class ERP. Helps define frequency enabling easily configurable implementation logic with smart-fit content, fields along with field names in the solution to facilitate data flow consistency. Implementation business logic for data transformation provides an ability to overcome inherence data flaws that can obstruct the realization of ROI.

E-RFx – Effortless and enhanced

E-RFx is a powerful module giving procurement professionals the ability to issue and manage online requests for information, proposals and quotations. Improves ability to evaluate large number of suppliers creating more competitive environment and better value for organization. RFx creation from purchase requisition is very simple. Collaboration teams can be created in order to involve all the stakeholders thus improving timeline. Provides enhanced document management and audit compliance.

E-Auction - Influence the buying power

Generate more savings by leveraging the buying power. Supports Forward and Reverse Auction. Its extensive level ranking systems helps supplier know their live ranks during auction to win the shorter time frame thus driving the negotiations in the right directions. Has guest vendor creation facility.

The powerful analytics eases reporting system providing dashboards to improve bid analysis capabilities.

Contract Management - Effective and Time saving

No need to rush from place to place and do contracting from one desk saving time and energy. Accuracy plays a vital role in contracts when done online and ProcureSENS assures the same thereby making negotiations easy as well. It supports renewal and amendments. The system is interactive allowing collaborative teams to review and give input before contract finalization.

Supplier Information Management

Manage single repository for supplier information providing access to new suppliers instantly via self-registration which speeds up the pre-qualification process too. Upon registration the bidding is allowed in the format buyer wants within the said time frame saving time on both ends. Beneficial to supplier and buyer both with respective benefits yielded. This supply chain collaboration is time saving, efficient and quite effective compared to traditional manual process.


This key feature supports comment resolution plan at superior level which is the turning point in procurement. Provides the platform for each and every party involved to communicate at a time which adds value to the decision making process and speeds up the overall procurement activity. The communication becomes actionable speeding up the process. Required documents can be shared efficiently by cutting down the noise enhancing document management. Accountability being the important aspect can be achieved in the communication framework.

From operational to strategic sourcing to, we assist you in driving savings, compliance, and efficiency.

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