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Industrial Manufacturing

Maximize revenue and cut expenses.

Enable long term cost control and reduce the threat of supply chain risk using SAFAL’s E-sourcing. Aid your product’s growth and innovation and thereby increase its industrialisation and performance. Evaluate company expenditures in order to have the most possible impact.

Due to increased global competition the face of industrial production is being transformed. Suppliers and procurement play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry. Because the function is not confined to manufacturing alone, but also includes marketing and sales, the time and money saved may be better invested in pre-emptive decisions that will benefit the company’s overall growth. The supply chain and procurement solutions are linked in such a way that the end result demonstrates considerable cost savings while also allowing for better strategic decisions.

Oil and Gas

Convert crude into coinage efficiently and faster

The oil and gas industry is one of the most essential core sectors in any country, and it has a significant impact on decision-making in virtually every other key area of the economy, including education, health, and infrastructure.

Economic and geographical uncertainty, regulatory constraints, shifting global markets, and supply concerns are forcing oil and gas firms to step up their activity and embrace a more vigorous approach to operations and procedures in order to remain competitive.

The procurement solutions of SAFAL include a significant expenditure analysis, management category, strategic procurement, market intelligence supply, risk management supply and many more. With the country’s growing energy demand, you may have more access and control over your business by using digitalized e-sourcing.

The professional industry team of SAFAL continuously concentrates on identifying and accelerating new developments and efficiency possibilities for Oil and gas customers worldwide.

EPC, Construction and contracting

Complete and Value-Driven Solutions

Improvement of insight and control over your company’s expenditure in order to boost revenues while reducing time-consuming paperwork.

SAFAL e-Sourcing is a strategic purchasing enabler for contracting firms since it gathers important data on purchasing activities that can be used to plan and execute RFPs. E-Auction may then be utilised to save money for suppliers by using online live competition, which saves them 15-20% over manual negotiations.


Improve sourcing and purchasing, control approval hierarchies and provide excellent service to patients.

Purchasing products for the healthcare business must be well-organized and adhere to established procedures. For a long time, buying departments relied on antiquated paper-based ways to complete their transactions. Not only is it necessary to achieve the benefits of simplifying procurement, but it is also necessary to increase the openness of corporate expenditures in general. Hospitals may more effectively construct approval hierarchies by utilising electronic procurement systems.

Helps keep expenses under control. Maintain an adequate inventory of medical equipment, supplies, and medications in an efficient way. Hospitals are forced to face enormous expenditures for supply chain management if they do not have access to an advanced but simple to use procurement solution.

High Tech

With the use of e-sourcing, enhanced technology offers additional money.

When it comes to technological innovation, businesses may develop at breakneck speed. Traditional company models and competitive structures may be thrown into disarray in an instant by the rapid adoption of new, paradigm-busting technology, thus contemporary digitalization is required to control spending and enhance cost savings.

SAFAL provides such a sourcing tool that suits a dispersed company that employs a variety of ERP systems or the standalone solution can be utilized as well for more efficient processes.

SAFAL’s e-sourcing implementation empowers the manpower in an organization to be more accurate and efficient. As the resources are freed, the savings can be spent after product development with latest technology use. Automation reduces manual errors thus making the system more accurate and result oriented. Two most important aspects in business are saved i.e time and cost.


Cope with the current dramatic change in the Telecom industry with ease.

With the introduction of latest devices in the market like mobile, Tablets, laptops etc the telecommunication and mass media has changed intensely. The use of content and data has grown in popularity, and it has become influential and transformative. The wireless technology is booming and needs to take charge of. Along with new technology, a solution is required to make the processes involved simple and error-free, therefore saving time and money. The maintenance and operations must also be streamlined in accordance with this fast pace industry. All the above can be take care by single digitalized solution by SAFAL.

Sustain growth and competitiveness with eprocurement. Improved sourcing and purchasing solutions are made that increases efficiency and help firms flourish for media, entertainment, and communications industries.

In such a dynamic industry that relies on services and evolving technology, the processes used must be carefully chosen, as they can have a significant impact on the organisation. Digitalized e-procurement is one of the lifesavers.

Energy and Utilities

Accept a world-class procurement and get desired results

For better decision-making, consolidate spending across territories, departments, and business divisions. Traditional providers must offer new capabilities and better connect with future opportunities and challenges as the focus shifts to renewables, distributed generation, smart grids, and digitization. The production assets are the most important predictor of cost and productivity in energy-generating sectors, thus keeping them lean and high-performing is critical.

Companies are being challenged to reimagine some of their key processes, such as supply chain management and finance, to meet organisational objectives, as business agility and cost efficiency are more critical than ever.

In energy and utility sector, high amounts of paper, limited insight into purchasing activities, long purchase-to-payment cycles, and high total processing expenses are all common features of manual procurement systems. Electronic procurement (eProcurement) automates the entire Procure-to-Pay (P2P) lifecycle, allowing businesses to keep tabs on employee spending while lowering processing costs.

Employing an eProcurement solution in the back office benefits the organization’s bottom line by reducing cost pressure. A high level of openness across spend data and purchasing activities is required, both for regulatory compliance and for managing project and spending plan purchasing.

Banking and Financial Service

Get control of your own Finances and Spend!

Convert regulatory and supplier management headaches into a competitive advantage. Finances involves third party risk many a times, thus use supplier insights while making decisions and avoid fraud, risks and fines. While focusing on technology and cybersecurity, e-procurement provides opportunity to cut costs, focus on innovation, and improve customer centricity.

It provides the power of data analysis and real time analytics that helps hunt down last penny in savings made and eliminates unapproved spend. Increase the value of your company by leveraging secure compliance. Procurement is a crucial participant in protecting the firm from third-party risk since it is a primary entryway to third parties. Leading procurement teams, on the other hand, do not view suppliers exclusively as a source of cost reductions and risk mitigation. They also see them as an important part of enhancing business success, innovation, sustainability, and diversity.